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Balatongyörök Szépkilátó

Those who visit Balatongyörök must see the panorama of Szépkilátó (lookout). Unlike the built lookouts, we don't even have to climb it to enjoy the picturesque beauty of Lake Balaton, the Tapolca basin butte and the Bay of Szigliget.

The Szépkilátó received its name from the writer Károly Eötvös in 1855, who was so inspired by the beautiful view from the hill that he in his work Travel Around Lake Balaton also mentions the beauty of the Balatongyörök landscape.

The view is truly impressive: to the left there are the buttes of the Tapolca basin: Badacsony, St. George Hill, Csobánc, Gulács, Tóti Hill, Haláp, Somló Hill, Kis-Somló and Ság-Hill. Mountains preserving traces of former volcanic activity surround the eastern part of the bay. Only the image of the Szigliget Castle can enhance this spectacle. To the left, in the foreground of the buttes rise the rebuilt castle walls, which create a historical atmosphere for the viewer.

The resting area along the main road 71 awaits tourists with large parking spaces, wooden resting benches matching the landscape and pine trees providing shadow. On the other side of the lookout there are restaurants and public toilets for the comfort of weary travellers. The hiking trails touch this point, and the lookout can be reached by bike or off the bike path

Address: H-8313 Balatongyörök, next to main road 71

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