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Helikon Library

The most prominent figure of Keszthely — and the Festetics family — is György Festetics (1755-1819), who lived in Keszthely since 1791. Between 1799 and 1801 he built a library wing to the castle, supporting the appearance of numerous magazines and literary works. 

From 1817 he organized the Helikon festivities twice a year, being the host to the most famous poets and writers of Transdanubia. Hence the saying from the mouth of Dániel Berzsenyi, which calls Keszthely “Little Hungarian Weimar”.
The collection of about 80 thousand volumes of the Helikon library was created by the Festetics family. Among the books are several old encyclopaedias and old prints. This is the largest intact aristocratic library in Europe. The carved oak furniture of the famous large hall of the library was made by János Kerbl carpenter from Keszthely.

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