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Hévíz medicinal bath

The symbol of the Hévíz Medicinal Bath is the Indian red water lily. By swimming among the beautiful plants, our rheumatic and musculoskeletal pains pass, relieve.

The spa consists of the outdoor lake and the indoor Festetics Bathhouse, which offers spa treatments and wellness facilities. Medicinal bathing in Hévíz has a history of two thousand years, even the ancient Romans mention the lake, on the area of which Roman coins were found. The Festetics family had undying merit in the prosperity of the spa site. In the 1770s they built the first bathhouse fixed on rafts. In the past centuries, people in the neighbourhood attributed the medicinal properties of the water to the black bran contained in it.

This bran is nothing else than peat mud from the bottom of the pond, which really has medicinal properties, the Hévíz mud pack is part of the cure packages based on medicinal bathing. The composition of the water of the Hévíz Medicinal Bath is unique: sulphuric medicinal water containing radon, biologically active water with rich organic substances content, which is perfectly suitable for the treatment of rheumatic diseases and musculoskeletal disorders.

After a course of treatment in Hévíz patients are asymptomatic for up to months. In addition to swimming in the water of the lake, exercise therapy, therapeutic massage, mud baths, physiotherapy treatments, weight baths provide the fundamentals of healing.

For better results, it is advisable to resort to different types of treatment on the basis of a physician's recommendation. Swimming among water lilies can heal, the lake is open all year round, the water does not cool below 22 degrees in winter, and in summer it can be up to 38 degrees.

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