Spa Essence – in the embrace if water

Everything that is water...

The element Water is a symbol of emotions, love and purification. That is why this basic element has been given a central role in our hotel and forms the core and cornerstone of our concept. The water stores the messages and emotions we send. Whether it's kind words, nice music, they all change its structure.

70% of the human body is water, so if we consume it from a bottle on which a positive message was written or harmonious melodies were played near it, it affects our mood and emotions in a favourable way. Therefore, we treat all our guests in the room with a bottle of bottled Sirius water and positive thoughts.

Malevolent spirits do not like large stretching natural waters. For energetic purification, it is worth choosing a lake or beach holiday, while spending as much time as possible floating on the surface of the water. On the shore of Lake Balaton it is possible that everyone will feel more relaxed!

Water has always been central to different religions, primarily because it has purifying power both physically and spiritually, and secondly because without water there is no life.

Exclusive wellness in the embrace of water

The proximity of Lake Balaton and our unique 1600 m2 exclusive Spa Essence Spa world is perfectly connected to the knowledge and discovery of the harmony of the water and provides the special essence that can be obtained by touching the water and through it the relaxation can reach a new level.

7 different pools and 10 sauna attractions guarantee this feeling of life and help you to relax fully.

Opening hours:


  • 1 outdoor-indoor pool
  • 2 adventure pools
  • 1 children's pool
  • 1 drifting pool
  • 1 relax pool
  • 1 sparkling pool

Indoor saunas:

  • Finnish sauna
  • stone sauna
  • steam room with aromatherapy
  • infrared sauna with salt inflow
  • plunge pool
  • separate textile-free sauna area (Finnish sauna, aroma sauna, infrared sauna, ice fountain, plunge pool)

Outdoor sauna:

  • Outdoor panoramic Finnish sauna with rest and plunge pool
  • dazzling panorama of Lake Balaton
  • detached building
  • Finnish sauna
  • plunge pool
  • rest area
  • one step from the waterfront
  • physical and spiritual recharge

Harmony Island (out of order)

For those who want to elevate the wellness experience to an even higher level and hide from the hustle and bustle, our Harmony Island wellness section has been created for them, where one can get back into in harmony with oneself and one's partner on the island of tranquillity. In our fully separated wellness area there is an exclusive jacuzzi, relaxing resting area, infrared sauna and couple massage facilities awaiting our Guests.

Special offers: 

  • Harmony Island 60’ 26 EUR/ 2 person- Exclusive hot tub, relaxing leisure zone, infrared sauna, prosecco
  • Luxury Harmony Island 120’  97 EUR/ 2 person- Exclusive hot tub, relaxing leisure zone, infrared sauna, aromatic couples massage '40, prosecco, fruit bowl