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Vonyarcvashegy - St. Michael Hill and Chapel

The St. Michael Chapel in Vonyarcvashegy is the only fishing chapel in Hungary.

The 136-meter dolomite formation was once an island. In the 13th century, a small castle was built on the hilltop, which, in a storm of history, with the exception of the small chapel, was almost completely destroyed. According to popular belief, the chapel was built in 1729 by 40 fishermen who were fortunate to escape from a devastating storm on Lake Balaton. The legend attached to the chapel is a mixture of fairy tale and reality. There is an old burial site next to the building. From the surroundings of the listed building there is a beautiful view of the Keszthely Mountains and Lake Balaton, from the bay of Keszthely to the Berény coast, but the view of the “buttes” from Szigliget to Badacsony is wonderful.
The magnificent beauty of this landscape, the chapel and its legend have inspired many writers and poets.

Opening hours: open all year round

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